NC State Inspections in Kernersville, NC

The NC Vehicle Safety & Emissions Inspection is required annually before your vehicle’s registration can be renewed. The inspection process does not take long but must be performed by a licensed inspection station. Havoline Xpress Lube in Kernersville offers NC state inspections in a timely manner so you can get back on the road with very little downtime.

There are two parts to your vehicle inspection. The first is the Vehicle Safety Inspection. The second part is the On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) Emissions Inspection. Currently, only 48 counties require an emissions inspection.

Having your car inspected each year may seem like a needless hassle, especially if you have a newer vehicle. However, these inspections alert drivers to hazardous conditions with their vehicle, including malfunctioning wiper blades, balding tires and taillights that need to be replaced.

Since November 1, 2008, North Carolina’s vehicle safety and emissions inspections have been electronically added to the vehicle’s registration record. This means that your inspection station no longer issues windshield inspection stickers. The vehicle’s safety and emissions inspections are due the same month as the vehicle’s registration renewal. Inspections must be obtained no more than 90 days before registration renewal is due. Remember to get your vehicle inspected before attempting to renew your registration.

Stop by Havoline xpress lube, located at 725 Hwy 66 South in Kernersville, for your next NC state inspection. We are worth the short drive from Greensboro, High Point and Winston Salem.

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