Common Automotive Air-Conditioning Problems

Now is the time of year when many automobile owners go to turn on their air conditioner and realize that it is not working properly.  Problems with the A/C are not unusual but need to be inspected by a certified automotive specialist who can target and repair the issue correctly.  Be sure to get your…

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Vehicle Maintenance Tips For Summer Travel

Memorial Day is fast approaching! Get ready for your summer trip with these tips on vehicle maintenance.

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The Warning Signs Of Worn Brakes

Though something many drivers rarely think of, your vehicle’s brakes are vital to driving safety and should always be in good condition. After an extended period of driving without brake service, you may notice rumbling or grinding noises during braking, and likely a longer distance for stopping. Let’s go over some signs and symptoms of…

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Nitrogen Can Improve Gas Mileage

With fuel prices on the rise, we are all looking for ways to save money at the gas pump.  One of the best things you can do to improve your vehicle’s gas mileage is to keep your tires properly inflated.  Nitrogen can improve gas mileage by helping your tire pressure remain at an optimal level…

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The Importance of Maintaining Ideal Tire Pressure

Proper tire pressure plays a very important role in the ride quality of your vehicle out on the road, and is key to ensuring optimal safety at high speeds. In all driving conditions from blizzards to deserts, inflating your tires to the manufacturer recommended pressure can improve stability, handling, ride quality and overall safety. Since…

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Improve Engine Performance With Correct Fuel Octane

For most drivers, filling up at the pump is an automatic routine. But considering that cars are typically one of our largest investments, it’s important to remember that building good habits for the way we take care of them can mean the difference between trouble-free driving and costly repairs. According to a recent Angus Reid…

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Winter Driving Car Care

Cold temperatures can have many adverse effects on your vehicle’s engine. Here are a few pointers to keep your car or truck running smoothly during this chilly winter season. Be sure to have your cooling system checked. If you haven’t had your radiator flushed over the last couple years, now is the ideal time to…

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Transmission Service

Automatic Transmission Service in Kernersville, NC

The modern automatic transmission is one of the most complex components of any vehicle. It requires service of equal detail to ensure its longevity. A problem with your automatic transmission can mean the vehicle has become unsafe to drive. This is why getting quality transmission service is important. How to maintain your transmission If your…

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Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation Extends Tread Life

Of all the maintenance requirements of vehicles on the road today, tire rotation is an often overlooked but very important factor for extending the life of your tires and ensuring a safe driving experience. Tire rotation is one of the few maintenance tasks that can be tackled by pretty much anyone – if you can…

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coolant flush

Extend Your Vehicle’s Life with a Coolant Flush

Keeping your car cool in the winter time sounds like a contradiction, but no matter how cold the temperature is outside, your engine feels the heat while it’s running. Removing excess heat from your engine is the one and only job of the cooling system. If this heat is not removed adequately and is allowed…

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