Car Wash Service

Car Wash Kernersville

Forget about mud, pollen, or other debris ruining the look of your car.   We have now added a car wash to our wide range of services! Drive through and get your car cleaned anytime during our regular business hours. Our high-pressure blasters wash and buff each section of your vehicle with the utmost safety. Our cleaning service is high-quality and perfect for the finish on any vehicle!

  • Exterior wash (including wheels)
  • Underbody Wash
  • Spot-Free Rinse
  • White Foam Shine
  • Machine-Dry
  • Your choice of: Regular Car Wash or Deluxe Car Wash

Let the car wash experts at Havoline xpress lube help you get your ride detailed and looking first class!

We know what it takes to provide personalized service and take pride in what we do.

Contact us today to get started!



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