fuel system service

Avoid Automobile Troubles With A Fuel System Service

Most automobiles have nine major systems with over 30,000 parts. Generally, for optimal performance from your vehicle, you need to maintain and service every component. Sometimes, we forget to service particular parts because today’s components are longer-lasting and more durable than in the past. For example, many people forget to follow through with fuel system…

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road trip ideas near me

Discover Enjoyable And Fabulous Road Trip Ideas Near Me

Often, the stress and grind of day-to-day living can wear you down. One way to relieve the strain and pressure is to take a day trip. A simple excursion can be a calming experience increasing your mental power and creativity. Moreover, NC offers beautiful countryside, a wealth of history, and many different types of recreational…

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altenator check near me

Get a Battery and Alternator Check Near Me in Kernersville

Often, drivers think they have a faulty battery when they really need a new alternator. If you’re looking for an alternator check near me, we can help. Here at Kernersville Auto Center, we’ll look at your entire system to pinpoint the problem and come up with a solution that makes sense for your vehicle. Our…

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automatic drive thru car wash near me

Need an Automatic Drive Thru Car Wash Near Me? Check Us Out!

Spring is here and that also means so is pollen. Not only is pollen bad for those suffering allergies, but it’s not so great for keeping your car clean either! If you are looking for the best automatic drive thru car wash near me, then look no further than Kernersville Auto Center. Our Xpress Turbo…

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wheel alignment near me

Comprehensive And Uncomplicated Wheel Alignment Near Me

Tires are the only part of your car to touch the ground. They support the weight of the vehicle, deliver acceleration and braking, absorb road bumps, and manage the traveling route. Thus, with so much riding on your tires, it’s important to maintain them. When you need a wheel alignment near me, trust Havoline® Xpress…

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car repair and maintenance near me

Complete Expert Car Repair And Maintenance Near Me

Usually, if you’re like most consumers, you’ve put a lot of thought into purchasing your current automobile. You’ve worked hard on saving your down payment and spent hours finding the model with the features you want. Unfortunately, many consumers neglect routine maintenance once they get their vehicle home. When you need car repair and maintenance…

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car battery installation in kernsersville

Guarantee-Backed Car Battery Installation In Kernersville

Your car battery is one of the easiest components to check, yet, many of us neglect to do so. A simple battery test can tell you if it’s no longer functioning at full capacity. With this knowledge, you can replace it before it dies. When you need car battery installation in Kernersville, choose Havoline® Xpress…

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regular oil change benefits

Regular Oil Change Benefits – Our Best Car Maintenance Tips

Oil changes are absolutely necessary to keep your vehicle running properly. However, you’ll see a number of other regular oil change benefits as well. Here at Kernersville Auto Center, we can get your oil change done quickly so you don’t spend all day waiting for your car. Let’s take a look at all the benefits…

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how to fix overheating car

Our Best Tips: How to Fix Overheating Car, Truck, or SUV

You’re driving down the road and suddenly, you have a major issue. You see steam escaping from under your hood. Your dashboard engine temperature gauge spikes to the red zone. You smell something burnt or sweet. These are all signs that you have an overheated engine. Luckily, with our experienced mechanics, you can learn how…

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Local radiator repair shops near me

Are You Looking for Local Radiator Repair Shops Near Me?

Are you dealing with a radiator issue or maybe you don’t know the exact issue? Then, you need a great mechanic to fix your vehicle or diagnosis the problem. You can stop your local radiator repair shops near me search when you select Kernersville Auto Center. Our skilled and knowledgeable mechanics treat your vehicle as…

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