nc dmv inspection

How to Pass Your Annual Required NC DMV Inspection

If you own a vehicle in North Carolina, you probably need an annual NC DMV inspection. In most counties, you also need an emissions test. In order to drive your vehicle, these are requirements. If you don’t get an inspection or if you fail your inspection, you cannot legally drive your car. We are an…

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fix brakes near me

A Trustworthy Auto Repair Shop To Fix Brakes Near Me

You’re cruising along Main Street when suddenly, a car pulls out in front of you. Quickly, you step on the brake pedal to avoid hitting the other vehicle. Thank goodness your brakes are in perfect working order. However, even if they’re in good working condition today, eventually your brakes will wear. Hence, if you notice…

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fuel system tune up

Do You Need a Fuel System Tune Up? Watch for These Signs

Has a mechanic ever recommended a fuel system tune up? This kind of service can benefit almost all vehicles. You don’t need this kind of cleaning as often as oil changes, but we don’t recommend completely ignoring your fuel system. What is a Fuel System? Your vehicle’s fuel system takes gas from your gas tank…

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car ac repair near me

Car AC Repair Near Me Providing Quick And Efficient Service

Driving in the summertime can be a hot and sticky experience without air conditioning. That’s why most new cars have air conditioning systems as standard equipment. Yet, like other mechanical systems, air conditioners can suffer from a decline in performance. When this happens, you must endure uncomfortably high cabin temperatures. Or you can bring it…

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oil change shops near me

Do You Need an Oil Change? Find Oil Change Shops Near Me

Unless you have a fully electric vehicle, your car needs routine oil changes. Unfortunately, many drivers do not have their oil changed on the correct schedule. This can cause major issues such as breakdowns if you are not getting your oil changed often enough. On the other hand, if you change your oil too often,…

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auto shop near me

Money-Saving Maintenance From A Trusted Auto Shop Near Me

Some motorists put off routine maintenance with the thought of saving money. However, delaying any type of automobile servicing may end up costing you more than you’ve saved. Sometimes, you may avoid servicing because you don’t have a trusted mechanic. If you need a trusted auto shop near me with fast and friendly service, choose…

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how often should you wash your car

How Often Should You Wash Your Car To Prevent Corrosion

People pay attention to the type and condition of the car you drive. A shiny, clean automobile gives one perception while a rusted jalopy gives another. Yet, keeping your car’s exterior polished and glossy is just a small expense. Routine car washing will protect your investment and keep your car lustrous. Still, you may wonder…

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automotive kernersville nc

5 Tips for Fast Automotive Kernersville NC Services

What do you want to do on your next day off? Maybe you envision spending your weekend at the beach or by the pool. Perhaps, you want to unwind by watching your favorite movie or reading a good book. Better yet, you may have another hobby in mind. I bet you didn’t say, “I want…

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express lube car wash

Try Our Ultimate, Professional Express Lube Car Wash

When was the last time you washed your car? Unfortunately, many of us put off cleaning our vehicle. Sometimes, the reason for the delay is car owners don’t know where to find an express lube car wash. Using a directory like Yelp can help you find a popular car wash nearby. Yelp reviews businesses by…

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what is a tune up

Vehicle Care Tips for Beginners: What is a Tune Up?

Whether you are a new car owner or an experienced driver, you might be wondering: What is a tune up? Do I really need one for my vehicle? Simply put, vehicle maintenance is extremely important. Through regular maintenance, you can catch small problems before they become much larger. This not only saves money, but it…

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