winter car maintenance checklist

The Ultimate Winter Car Maintenance Checklist for Drivers

As autumn heads into winter, it is important to make sure your vehicle is ready for the colder months. Here in North Carolina, we might not see as much snow as our friends to the north, but we still have plenty of colder days. The last thing you want during the winter is to be…

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flat tire repair kernsersville

Searching Online for Flat Tire Repair Kernersville – We Can Help!

Did you experience a breakdown in the Kernersville area? More specifically, are you searching for flat tire repair Kernersville auto shops? Kernersville Auto Center is the answer! We not only fix flat tires, but we are also a full-service automotive shop. Therefore, our garage easily handles nearly any auto issue that pops up. Plus, we…

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dead car battery in kernsersville

Steps To Jump Start A Dead Car Battery In Kernersville

It can happen at the most inconvenient times. You need to be on time for an important meeting. Or, you need to pick the kids up from school. When you try to start the car, nothing happens. Why wait until you have a dead car battery in Kernersville? Bring your vehicle to Havoline® Xpress Lube…

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preventative car maintenance

Preventative Car Maintenance at Kernersville Auto Center

Do you know what preventative car maintenance entails? Or, do you know how often you should get it completed on your vehicle? If you don’t know the answer to either question, then don’t worry you aren’t alone. These are two common questions we hear at Kernersville Auto Center. Luckily, today’s blog discusses all things related…

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disconnecting car battery

Common Vehicle Maintenance: Disconnecting Car Battery

Dealing with a car battery problem can be frustrating. Your car may just need a quick jump from another vehicle, but often this indicates that you need a whole new battery. When it comes to installing a new battery, we can do this work for you! Instead of trying to figure out the process of…

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how to reset car computer

Is It A Mistake To Learn How To Reset Car Computer?

Almost all of today’s modern automobiles rely on computer processors to run safely and efficiently. This trend began as government emission standards became stricter. Consequently, manufacturers turned to computers to comply. Unfortunately, sometimes these electronics develop glitches and you may be researching how to reset car computer. Although, don’t be too tempted to reset your…

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why is my heater blowing cold air in my car

Asking Why is My Heater Blowing Cold Air in My Car?

There are two months left of the year so naturally the weather is turning colder in North Carolina. In turn, that means it’s time to start cranking up the heater in your car to stay warm. Sometimes, after the summer season our vehicle’s heaters don’t seem to work as well anymore. Consequently, are you searching…

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thanksgiving road trip ideas

Thanksgiving Road Trip Ideas For A Memorable Holiday

This Thanksgiving, approximately 109 million Americans will travel, most of them driving to their destination. Many will be heading to a relative’s home to celebrate with family. However, others prefer to take a vacation with their immediate family members. If you’re looking for Thanksgiving road trip ideas, we’ve got some great ones to share. Some…

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best fuel system cleaner

Trying To Find The Best Fuel System Cleaner Option?

Have you noticed a drop in your car’s fuel efficiency? Or, maybe it’s running rough or you’re having trouble starting it. The problem may be with your fuel system. Unfortunately, most car owners don’t hesitate to use the best fuel system cleaner recommended by their local auto part store. Let’s see if this is really…

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engine cooling system flush

Protect Your Car With An Engine Cooling System Flush

A whopping 91.8 percent of car owners admitted they’ve put off a car care task. Moreover, some of these car owners delayed servicing for 30 days or more. Unfortunately, an engine cooling system flush is one maintenance task many simply forget to do. Sometimes, neglecting this task leads to more costly repairs. The Importance Of…

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