emissions testing near me

What You Need to Know About Emissions Testing Near Me

Here in North Carolina, most drivers need to take their vehicle for an annual inspection and emissions test. Emissions testing near me is required if you live in certain counties, but here’s the good news: if you fail either your inspection or your emissions test, we can help get your car road-worthy again as quickly…

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fast oil change near me

Where Can I Find A Fast Oil Change Near Me Consumers Trust?

We all know how important an oil change is, yet many of us neglect to perform regular oil changes. It can be a hassle, we’re too busy, or we just forget about it. Yet, driving with dirty oil is corrosive to your engine. Having a family-friendly, quick oil change service station ready to serve you…

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antifreeze leak

What To Do If You Think You Have An Antifreeze Leak

Many of us neglect our car and then complain when our vehicle breaks down. Yet, if we remembered to perform regular maintenance on our vehicle, we could avoid some costly repairs. In particular, today’s modern engines require changing fluids on schedule for optimal performance. Any type of dirty fluid in your engine can lead to…

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express oil change

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Your Express Oil Change

At Kernersville Auto Center, we offer express oil change services for all types of vehicles. This is one of the most basic and important things you can do to keep up with maintenance your car. Without regular oil changes, your vehicle will simply stop running. Here are 10 common questions we hear from our customers…

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leaking antifreeze

What to Do if Your Vehicle is Leaking Antifreeze (Coolant)

If your vehicle is leaking antifreeze, do not ignore the problem. Sometimes, you can put off car maintenance for a few days or even a few weeks. However, an antifreeze leak is not one of those problems! It is vital that you have a professional take cake of any cooling system leak as soon as…

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vehicle inspection nc

Don’t Fear Your Annual Vehicle Inspection NC DMV Requirement

Unfortunately, over 60% of consumers don’t trust auto repair shops in general. Consumers cite overcharging, unnecessary repairs, and poor customer service as the primary reasons. Perhaps this is why many people dread their annual vehicle inspection NC DMV obligation. While this is bad news for auto repair shops, there is another fact that needs examination….

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worn brake pads

When to Replace Worn Brake Pads and Other Vehicle Parts

Are you worried that you might be driving with dangerously worn brake pads? Here at Kernersville Auto Center, we specialize in performing normal vehicle maintenance, such as replacing your brake pads, changing your oil, and more. By keeping your car in great working condition, you can save money and stay safe on the road. Here…

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tune up for cars

Tune Up For Cars – Are They Still Necessary For Newer Cars?

Technology moves at a fast pace. What was just an idea a few years ago becomes reality in the present. Even car engine technology can change drastically in a short time. For example, car manufacturers have replaced the distributor cap with an electronic ignition system. A few decades ago, replacing the distributor cap was a…

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synthetic oil change

Should I Book a Conventional or Synthetic Oil Change?

If your vehicle is due for an oil change, we highly recommend synthetic oil. Here at Kernersville Auto Center, we have conventional oil, synthetic oil, and synthetic blends. However, we almost always recommend a synthetic oil change due to the benefits of this type of oil. Is synthetic oil right for you? Here are some frequently…

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nc car inspection

Where Should I Go For My NC Car Inspection?

By state law, each motor vehicle registered in the state of North Carolina must pass an annual safety inspection. While you may hate this chore, a state inspection is actually for your own protection. The vehicle inspection covers many parts of your automobile that must be working properly to keep you safe. Not only that,…

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