pollen on car

Pollen On Car – Why You Should Clean It Off Right Away

The climate of North Carolina is mild allowing a long growing season. This long growing season also allows plants to produce pollen just about year-round. You may think, pollen on car? What‘s the big deal? Let’s explore what this plant dust will do to the finish of your automobile. Some Types of Plant Pollen Many…

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wheel alignment cost

Don’t Put off Servicing Because Of The Wheel Alignment Cost!

Some car owners delay maintenance chores due to cost or time commitment. While motorists may not see any harm in putting off servicing, some tasks can affect the handling of your car. For example, keeping your wheels correctly angled can prevent accidents and extend the longevity of your tires. Comparing the increased risk of a…

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mechanic in Kernersville NC

Xpress Lube is the Mechanic in Kernersville NC You Need

Are you searching for a good mechanic in Kernersville NC to help with all your auto needs? Then, look no further than Kernersville Auto Center! As a family and locally owned small business, we always put our customers first and treat their vehicles as our own. No matter your automotive need, from repairs to a…

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how to clean fuel injection system

How To Clean Fuel Injection Systems Without Damaging Parts

With automotive servicing costs rising, some car owners try to perform their own car maintenance. However, some servicing is best left for the professionals. For example, fuel injectors are a component that can greatly affect the performance of your vehicle when dirty. Moreover, if you search the internet, you’ll find many blogs and videos showing…

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transmission light on car

Is Your Transmission Light On Car Glaring at You?

Is your transmission light on car shining brightly? If you catch it early enough, repair doesn’t have to be an expensive hassle. Here at Kernersville Auto Center, our ASE-certified technicians can diagnose the problem and give you options to fit your budget. We’ll get you back on the road quickly. Dashboard Lights: What You Need…

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auto radiator repair service

How To Tell You Need Auto Radiator Repair Service

An overheating engine is dangerous. Usually, continuing to drive can cause irreparable harm to your car. Sometimes, the intense heat generated from overheating can cause other combustible components to catch fire. If you suspect a leak in your cooling system, you need to address the problem right away. When searching for auto radiator repair service,…

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nitrogen in the tires

Nitrogen in the Tires – Why It’s a Great Investment

Have you heard about putting nitrogen in the tires of your vehicle? If yes, then you are probably wondering why one would do that and the advantages of this choice. If not, then it’s a topic you should learn about! Kernersville Auto Center‘s latest blog discusses filling tires with nitrogen, including all the pros and…

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how to get snow off car without scraper

Winter Car Tips: How to Get Snow Off Car Without Scraper

    Here in North Carolina, we don’t have much snow during an average winter. Therefore, many drivers do not keep an ice scraper or brush in their vehicle. What if you are caught needing to drive after it snows, though? If you’re searching for “how to get snow off car without scraper”, we can…

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transmission shop near me

Use The Transmission Shop Near Me Your Neighbors Trust

With automakers promoting vehicles with “new lifetime transmissions” you may think that your system will never need servicing. You may even think your system will last forever. However, sealed transmissions do indeed need servicing to keep them running properly. When searching for a reputable transmission shop near me, trust Havoline® Xpress Lube of Kernersville. The…

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best full service car wash near me

The Best Full Service Car Wash Near Me Is Ready To Serve You

Having a clean car is more than just a nicety. Routinely washing your car protects your investment because keeping your vehicle in ideal condition helps to retain its value. When you’re looking for the best full service car wash near me, visit Havoline® Xpress Lube of Kernersville. Costs To Wash Your Car At Home Usually,…

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