self service car wash near me

Is an Automatic Self Service Car Wash Near Me Worth It?

Here at Kernersville Auto Center, we take pride in keeping your vehicle in great working condition through regular maintenance. However, many people don’t realize that car washes are an important part of that vehicle maintenance routine. But is the cost of an automatic car wash worth it? Many drivers simply choose to wash their vehicles…

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how to wash your car

How To Wash Your Car Properly To Protect Your Investment

Cars are expensive but offer necessary transportation. Your vehicle takes you to work, to the store, and wherever else you need to go. Most of the time, car owners stick to a regular schedule of maintenance to keep their vehicles running efficiently. However, many times these same owners forget to care for their car’s exterior….

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Get a Car Repair Estimate Near Me from Certified Technicians

When you’re having vehicle problems, we know you need a car repair estimate near me as fast as possible. You might be tempted to attempt repairs yourself, but it’s always a better option to work with a reputable auto shop. At Kernersville Auto Center, our technicians can repair your vehicle quickly. Here’s why you should…

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kernersville car battery installation near me

Find Expert Kernersville Car Battery Installation Near Me

While you may remember to change your oil regularly, do you also check your battery? If you’re like most Americans, the answer is probably not. Unfortunately, a dead battery is one of the top reasons motorists call for roadside assistance. Yet, a simple test can determine if you should replace your car battery sooner rather…

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automatic car wash near me

Looking for the Best Automatic Car Wash Near Me?

Keeping your car clean is an important part of vehicle maintenance. The good news is, you don’t have to wash your car at home every week. In fact, it is often better to use a professional car wash. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using an automatic car wash near me and some…

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car air conditioner repair near me

Trusted Mechanics For Car Air Conditioner Repair Near Me

Driving in North Carolina’s hot, sticky summers can be torturous without a functioning AC unit. Imagine being stuck in traffic on a 95° day without a cool blast of air from your air conditioner. It’s not a pretty picture. So, when warm air is blowing from your car’s vents, it’s time to get your vehicle…

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car battery near me

Looking for a Reliable Replacement Car Battery Near Me?

You’re running late for work, but when you turn the key, nothing happens. Once you finally get your car to the auto repair shop, the mechanic diagnoses the problem: a dead battery. While maintenance can extend the life of your battery, sometimes you just have to replace it. If you’re looking to purchase a car…

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car repair quote

Get An Honest Car Repair Quote From Our Friendly Shop

Most Americans are very dependent upon their vehicles to get them to work and run errands. Thus, it can be a major catastrophe when your car breaks down. When this happens, you want a quick, reliable fix without the auto shop overcharging you. Hence, you’ll want to get a car repair quote showing you the…

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bad rotor symptoms

What Bad Rotor Symptoms Could be Plaguing Your Vehicle?

Rotors are an important part of a vehicle’s brake system. If you’re experiencing bad rotor symptoms, it’s important to schedule an appointment for repair as soon as possible. Here at Kernersville Auto Center, we can diagnose any brake problem and perform the repairs to get you back on the road as fast as possible. What…

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where can i get my brakes fixed

Where Can I Get My Brakes Fixed? Book Your Appointment Now!

Are you wondering, “where can I get my brakes fixed?” If you’re in the Kernersville area, we’re available to check your brakes and make repairs as needed. Our ASE-certified technicians can diagnose all vehicle issues you might be experiencing, so if you’re not sure what is wrong with your car, don’t worry. We’ll help you…

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