inspection station near me

​Trustworthy Inspection Station Near Me in the Triad

Since it is mandatory for your vehicle to have an annual inspection, you want to take it somewhere you trust. When you are looking for an inspection station near me in the Triad, look no further than Kernersville Auto Center. Owner Mac Allen started this business over two decades ago with quality customer service and fair…

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best oil change near me

Best Oil Change Near Me is Xpress Lube of Kernersville

The best oil change near me is easily Xpress Lube at Kernersville Auto Center. They specialize in preventative maintenance for your vehicle. Havoline Xpress Lube performs many services to keep your car performing in top condition. Oil is Your Car-Saver Oil serves several functions for your car. First, it reduces friction among all the engine…

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tire dealers Kernersville NC

Tire Dealers Kernersville NC – Upgrade Your Tires Now

When you’re driving in your car, the last thing you want to worry about is getting a flat tire. You’re in a hurry, driving to work, a business meeting, a party, or picking up your children from school. No matter where you’re going, you don’t want to deal with the hassle of changing a flat…

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car detailing in Kernersville NC

​Car Detailing in Kernersville NC – Make Your Auto Shine

When is the last time you washed your car? Probably been a while, right? Usually, it’s too hot, too cold or you’re too tired! Here, at Xpress Lube we will get your car looking like new. From a basic wash to a more elaborate cleaning, we offer everything. This includes wheel and tire cleaning, hot…

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oil change and car wash near me

An Oil Change and Car Wash Near Me Saves Tons of Time

Time. When you’re toiling and doing your least favorite things, it nearly seems to wind backwards. Conversely, when you’ve found a task you enjoy, it rushes by before you even realize it. Either way, we rarely seem to have enough of it. Want to know a great way to save it? Find an oil change…

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inspection station near me

​Best Inspection Station Near Me – Kernersville Auto

So, it’s that time of year again – you received the notice that it’s time to renew your car’s registration. In North Carolina, residents must schedule a yearly inspection for their car to secure the renewal. Of course, you want to take your car somewhere you can trust. The inspection station near me to trust…

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auto repair in Kernersville NC

Auto Repair In Kernersville NC – Repairs on Any Vehicle

You cannot survive today without your car since it’s your main source of transportation. When something goes amiss and your car breaks down, you need to know you’ll be back on the road quickly. That’s why you need a reliable auto repair company. Of course, you need one that you can trust and count on…

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best place for oil change near me

The Best Place for Oil Change Near Me – Look No Further

Most experts agree that changing the oil regularly is the single best thing you can do for your car. Combined with the fact that oil changes can be quick and inexpensive, this should be a priority for all drivers. Thus, a little time and effort now will lead to smooth performance in the years ahead. So,…

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tires Kernersville NC

Tires Kernersville NC – New Tires & Services are Vital

One of the most vital components for any vehicle is the tires. The proper tires not only allow your vehicle to move smoothly, but also keep you safe. Tire services are equally important to the safety aspects of your vehicle. For all maintenance services and new tires Kernersville NC offers, head to Kernersville Auto Center. They have…

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​How Often to Get a Tune Up – What Drivers Should Know

For the most part, cars do not require a lot of maintenance. There really is not that much involved to keeping a vehicle in good shape. Regular oil changes are important, and there are a few other things drivers need to do, including tune-ups. But the question then becomes when do you need one? If…

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