car wash near me

Why You Should Be Going to a Car Wash Near Me More Often

Are you washing your car as often as you should be? For most drivers, the answer is no. However, you can see a number of benefits by washing your car regularly. Here’s the best part: with a convenient car wash near me, you don’t have to hand wash your car. Instead, we’ll do the work…

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how often to change air filter

How Often To Change Air Filter -What The Experts Recommend

Although many car components have changed over the decades, most engines are still internal combustion systems. Internal combustion systems require air for the engine to produce power. However, a dirty clogged air filter will inhibit the airflow and affect your engine performance. One of our frequently asked questions is how often to change air filter…

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turbo wash

Our Turbo Wash Car Cleaning Is Environmentally Friendly

Fresh water is a precious and vital resource. As the human population expands, environmentalists work harder to conserve this resource. However, your car’s exterior needs washing to remove contaminants that will damage your paint and finish. Is there a way to protect your vehicle and the environment at the same time? Certainly! Using Xpress Lube…

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how much is a car inspection in nc

How Much Is A Car Inspection In NC? The Costs Broken Down

Wondering how much is a car inspection in NC? Fortunately, fees are set by the legislature (see below for a breakdown of costs) and all vehicle inspection stations charge the same amount. Therefore, simply knowing how much is a car inspection in NC won’t necessarily help you choose the best location. The town of Kernersville…

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car tune up near me

Complete Car Tune Up Near Me To Keep Your Auto Running Great

The car engine has changed drastically since its inception. A gradual replacement of mechanical parts with longer-lasting electronic components has increased replacement intervals. Unfortunately, with longer-lasting engine components, consumers tend to neglect routine vehicle maintenance. However, today’s modern engines need periodic care too. When searching for a car tune up near me with fast, friendly…

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where can I get oil change near me

Where Can I Get Oil Change Near Me Quickly And Efficiently

For many people, getting your motor oil changed is just one more thing to do. However, neglecting your car may result in costly repairs and breakdowns. Where can I get an oil change near me with fast, friendly service? Xpress Lube of Kernersville can take all your automotive needs in a welcoming atmosphere. Getting Your…

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coolant leak fix

Leave It To The Professionals For A Coolant Leak Fix

Your car operates in extreme temperatures, below freezing in the winter and hot conditions in the summer. Moreover, the engine itself generates tremendous heat when operating. A properly functioning cooling system will keep your engine at the optimal operating temperature. So, when you develop a leak, you must repair it as soon as possible. When…

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emissions testing near me

What You Need to Know About Emissions Testing Near Me

Here in North Carolina, most drivers need to take their vehicle for an annual inspection and emissions test. Emissions testing near me is required if you live in certain counties, but here’s the good news: if you fail either your inspection or your emissions test, we can help get your car road-worthy again as quickly…

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fast oil change near me

Where Can I Find A Fast Oil Change Near Me Consumers Trust?

We all know how important an oil change is, yet many of us neglect to perform regular oil changes. It can be a hassle, we’re too busy, or we just forget about it. Yet, driving with dirty oil is corrosive to your engine. Having a family-friendly, quick oil change service station ready to serve you…

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antifreeze leak

What To Do If You Think You Have An Antifreeze Leak

Many of us neglect our car and then complain when our vehicle breaks down. Yet, if we remembered to perform regular maintenance on our vehicle, we could avoid some costly repairs. In particular, today’s modern engines require changing fluids on schedule for optimal performance. Any type of dirty fluid in your engine can lead to…

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