car wash Kernersville NC

A Full Detail Car Wash Kernersville NC is Right Around the Corner!

Is your ride looking a little dingy? Is it not shining the way it used to? Remember what it looked like when you drove it off the lot? Do you want to clean it up, but don’t know a high-quality car wash Kernersville NC service? Havoline Xpress Lube of Kernersville makes your vehicle shine again! Our Xpress Turbo…

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car wont start in cold

If Your Car Wont Start in Cold Then Bring it to Xpress Lube of Kernersville

As fall transforms into winter, we often face extra challenges keeping up with our cars. Regular maintenance, experts agree, is the best way to extend the life of a car. But the cold weather can bring its own set of challenges. Moreover, one of the most frustrating effects of cold weather is that sometimes it’s…

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best oil change near me

The Best Oil Change Near Me for Quick and Professional Service? It’s Xpress Lube!

Let’s face it, getting your oil changed is rarely at the top of your fun-things-to-do list. In fact, many of us wait until the very last minute to get it done. Often, we push it to those last few miles, sometimes even beyond. Then, we end up searching for the best oil change near me…

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Havoline oil change

Havoline Oil Change – Prolong Your Vehicle’s Life with Frequent Oil Changes

Buying a vehicle is a big investment. More than just a form of transportation, your vehicle is an extension of your personality. Therefore, many drivers are proud of their vehicles and strive to take the best care of them. While cleaning and waxing your vehicle helps preserve the exterior, frequent oil changes are necessary to…

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Kernersville auto repair

Kernersville Auto Repair – Xpress Lube Will Get Your Car Back on the Road Quickly!

If your car isn’t working as well as it used to, now is the time to take it to the experts. And, with nasty fall and winter weather right around the corner, you have to know your car is reliable. Xpress Lube offers the best Kernersville auto repair services in the area. So, no matter which part…

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benefits of synthetic oil

Benefits of Synthetic Oil for Your Car’s Next Oil Change

In a recent study, AAA put synthetic oil to the test, to find out if it performs better than conventional oils. Surprisingly – at least to some people – the results were clear: synthetic oil performed 47% better. But, what are the real benefits of synthetic oil for your car or truck? Is this the type…

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car wash Kernersville

Grab Your Car Wash Kernersville at Family-Owned Auto Center

Summer has ended, and fall is just beginning. You turn to check out your beautiful fall landscape in your yard. Instead, you are staring into the face of a dirty car in desperate need of TLC. Well, what are you waiting for? A car wash Kernersville is what you need! Kernersville Auto Center has an outstanding Turbo…

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Havoline Xpress Lube

Havoline Xpress Lube at Kernersville’s Premier Auto Care Destination

Have you been looking for Havoline near me to no avail? You’re in luck! Havoline Xpress Lube of Kernersville is close to everyone in the Triad. They have been serving customers in the Triad for more than 24 years. Family-owned and operated, they know how to treat their customers right. They offer a dedication to high-quality products…

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NC state inspection

NC state inspection – Get Your Car Inspected And Back On The Road

It happens every year: you get a notice from the DMV and it’s time to get your car inspected. Has it been an inconvenience getting your car inspected in the past? Maybe you’ve had to drive out of your way to find a licensed NC state inspection station? Well, that doesn’t have to happen this…

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air filter car

Air Filter Car Service at Kernersville Auto Center

You probably know to get your oil, wiper blades, and even transmission fluid checked (and changed) when necessary. But have you been remembering to get regular air filter car service? If you haven’t, don’t worry — but don’t wait any longer! Kernersville Auto Center can give you the fastest and most professional air filter service in the…

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