car service station near me

Vehicle Trouble? Come to Our Car Service Station Near Me

We understand exactly how stressful it can be when you have car trouble. Whether you have a long-term problem you’re trying to fix or are experiencing an unexpected break down, our mechanics can help. You’re never far from Kernersville Auto Center no matter where you are in the Triad. When you need a reliable car…

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car emissions test near me

Am I Required To Get A Car Emissions Test Near Me?

Before you can renew your car’s registration, you must take your car to a certified inspection station. There, the technician will complete a safety inspection and in some cases an emissions test. Today, only certain counties in NC require an emissions test. When you need a car emissions test near me, trust Havoline® Xpress Lube…

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muffler repair shop near me

Signs You Need to Contact a Muffler Repair Shop Near Me

A muffler in need of repair can wreak havoc on your vehicle. If you suspect you have a muffler problem, it’s important to schedule repair as quickly as possible. But what are the signs that you have a damaged muffler? And what can you expect when you come to our shop for muffler maintenance? Let’s…

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auto inspection station near me

Auto Inspection Station Near Me With Comprehensive Service

Once a year, the Department of Motor Vehicles sends you a notice regarding inspection, vehicle property tax, and registration renewal. After receiving the letter, it’s your responsibility to get your vehicle checked by a licensed inspector. When searching for an auto inspection station near me, choose Havoline® Xpress Lube of Kernersville. Below, are a few…

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oil filter change

Everything You Need To Know About An Oil Filter Change

Just about everyone always talks about changing your oil on schedule to keep your car engine running efficiently. Of course, this is extremely important to do for the health of your vehicle. In conjunction with changing your oil, you should also be replacing your filter. When you need an oil filter change, visit Havoline® Xpress…

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how to check oil in car

How To Check Oil In Car To Ensure Proper Levels

Today’s modern engines are so much more complicated than years ago. Smaller engines with tighter tolerances and new technology make it harder to do your own maintenance. Thus, you may be wondering if it’s still possible to learn how to check oil in car. Here’s How To Check Oil In Car Following 5 Easy Steps…

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exhaust shops near me

Exhaust Shops Near Me – Trusted Comprehensive Service

Usually, when your exhaust fails, everyone else knows it too. Most times, your car will make a horrible, rumbling noise. Although a loud car can be an embarrassment, a malfunctioning exhaust can have other negative effects. When you’re searching for exhaust shops near me, visit Havoline® Xpress Lube of Kernersville. Parts Of Your Exhaust System…

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premium oil change

Guaranteed Quality Premium Oil Change For Any Vehicle

Everyone knows the importance of routine oil changes. Yet, there can be so much confusion as to timing, brands, and type. For example, what’s the difference between a conventional and a premium oil change? Will all motor oil brands provide equal protection? Let’s review some basics about motor oil. The Differences In Motor Oil Years…

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change brake pads

When is it Time to Change Brake Pads in Your Car?

Brakes are one of the most important components of keeping your car safe to drive. However, many car owners don’t know when to change brake pads. Moreover, too many go too long between brake pad replacement. Let’s take a look at exactly how brakes work and when exactly you should change your brakes. Plus, we’ll…

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Oak ridge oil change

Oak Ridge Oil Change – A Trustworthy Auto Center is Nearby

Usually, everyone is always looking to save money. So, some car owners opt for the cheapest option when it’s time for an oil change. Yet, doing so can lead to premature engine wear. When you need an Oak Ridge oil change, trust the quality of Havoline® Xpress Lube of Kernersville. Oil Change Service Varies From…

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