how to tell if brake pads are worn

​Are You Asking How to Tell if Brake Pads are Worn Out?

The last thing you want to worry about when getting into your vehicle is the condition of your brakes. With spring rains and summer thunderstorms ahead of us, it is even more essential to have your brakes checked. You may wonder how to tell if brake pads are worn out and in need of changing….

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inspection near me

​An Inspection Near Me That’s Friendly and Convenient

Is it getting to be that time of year again? It’s time to get your car inspected. Where’s the best inspection near me for my hard-earned dollars, you ask? Kernersville car owners know that it’s Kernersville Auto Center! In this article, we’ll give you a quick breakdown of what the inspection process requires. And we’ll tell…

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auto repair in Kernersville NC

Complete Auto Repair in Kernersville NC

Auto repair and maintenance is part of life for all vehicle owners. For the most part, people view this in a negative way. There are many reasons for this feeling. Kernersville Auto Center wants to take away those negative feelings from their customers. They pride themselves in honest, stress-free service. Therefore, if you are in…

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best oil change near me

The Best Oil Change Near Me is Kernersville Auto Center

If I’m a Kernersville area vehicle owner, the best oil change near me is just around the corner! For over 20 years, Kernersville Auto Center has worked to set new standards for community auto care. What exactly makes them the best oil change near me — or anywhere? Their total commitment to customer care, the quality Havoline…

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car wash Kernersville

Visit the Best Car Wash Kernersville Auto Center

Do you have a dirty car that needs some TLC? Then you should take a trip to get a car wash Kernersville citizens! Kernersville Auto Center has many services available to remedy several automotive needs, one being a grimy vehicle. Their Turbo Car Wash provides a superior cleaning with several packages to choose from, adjusting to any…

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NC inspection station near me

​NC Inspection Station Near Me – Where to Go

Have you noticed the date on that little sticker on your license plate creeping closer? That means it is getting to be time for your annual inspection. But this does not have to fill you with dread. Even if you have had a poor experience with getting an inspection in the past, that can change…

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Havoline oil change near me

​Havoline Oil Change Near Me – At Havoline Xpress Lube

Is it time for an oil change? Are you partial to a certain type of oil product? If you are looking for a Havoline oil change near me then you are in luck! Havoline Xpress Lube of Kernersville uses only Havoline products. In addition, they are the best repair and maintenance shop in the area….

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car recalled

​For Auto Repair Kernersville NC – Where You Should Go

Car owners have a bit of work to do to keep their autos in good shape. It is not enough to just get fixes when things stop working well. Cars need regular maintenance and attention to ensure that they will have a long lifespan. This is why it is worth finding a place that can…

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car wash Kernersville

​An Xpress Wash Will Keep Your Car Looking Like New

Havoline Xpress Lube of Kernersville has been serving the Triad for more than 24 years. Family-owned and operated, they know how to treat their customers right. They offer a dedication to high-quality products and service. Best of all, it is all backed by a commitment to fair and honest dealing. That is why the business continues to…

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Havoline oil change

​A Havoline Oil Change Keeps Vehicles Running Smoothly

Motor oil is the silent helper in your car that lubricates engine parts and shields them from heat. So, it stands to reason you’d want only the best, right? If that’s the case, then you want a Havoline oil change for your car. And if you want it fast, friendly, and with a free Courtesy Check, you…

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