xpress wash

​An Xpress Wash Will Keep Your Car Looking Like New

Havoline Xpress Lube of Kernersville has been serving the Triad for more than 24 years. Family-owned and operated, they know how to treat their customers right. They offer a dedication to high-quality products and service. Best of all, it is all backed by a commitment to fair and honest dealing. That is why the business continues to…

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Havoline oil change

​A Havoline Oil Change Keeps Vehicles Running Smoothly

Motor oil is the silent helper in your car that lubricates engine parts and shields them from heat. So, it stands to reason you’d want only the best, right? If that’s the case, then you want a Havoline oil change for your car. And if you want it fast, friendly, and with a free Courtesy Check, you…

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air filter purpose

​An Air Filter Purpose is an Essential One

A vehicle’s air filter purpose is much like the filters in our own body. It makes sure impurities do not pass through and contaminate other parts of your engine. Air Filter Purpose and Importance Typically, inside a plastic box attached to the throttle body of your vehicle, is the air filter. The box helps keep…

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Havoline oil change

​Get a Havoline Oil Change at Kernersville Auto Center

Experts agree that changing the oil and oil filter regularly is the best thing you can do for your car. Doing so is incredibly effective and relatively inexpensive. From new cars to older ones, changing your oil will help your car running smoothly. Once the oil is old and thick, it can lead to other…

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bad brake pads

​Signs of Bad Brake Pads (and What to Do About It)

Most people don’t think about regular brake maintenance like they think about regular oil changes, but it’s just as important. Bad brake pads create serious safety risks for you and your family. At Kernersville Auto Center, we love to empower our customers with knowledge about how their vehicles work. Here’s a quick primer on what your…

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how often to get a tune up

​How Often to Get a Tune Up – Tricks and Tips

With all that we have to keep up with today, it’s no wonder we sometimes neglect our personal vehicles. Between work and school schedules and other obligations, we typically forget something. For many this is their car’s maintenance. So how do we keep track of how often to get a tune up for our vehicles?…

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Havoline synthetic oil

​Your Havoline Synthetic Oil Change Center

What you put into your car or truck is often what you get out, and that’s especially true of oil changes. Want to protect your vehicle and keep it on the road as long as possible? (We’re guessing you do!) That means using the best auto products available, like Havoline synthetic oil. And it means…

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bad rotors

​Bad Rotors – Identify Warning Signs For Safe Driving

Bad Rotors Will Tell You If Your Braking System Needs Repairs We’ve all seen the commercials featuring car owners duplicating the weird noises their cars make when something goes wrong. Maybe you’ve even made a strange sound for your mechanic to describe a car repair issue. While it’s funny, or embarrassing, the truth is those…

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Kernersville Auto

​Kernersville Auto Center will get your car in shape

Have you ever felt like your mechanic is overcharging? Do you have a hard time trusting what they are telling you? A trustworthy mechanic is hard to find. Luckily, people in and around Kernersville have access to the friendly and honest mechanics and Havoline Xpress Lube of Kernersville. Kernersville auto owners can trust the dedication…

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havoline oil

​Havoline Oil Changes Available in Kernersville

Kernersville Auto Center specializes in preventative maintenance for your vehicle. Havoline Xpress Lube has several services, all using Havoline oil products, to keep your car providing tip-top performance. Routine Oil Changes = Less Breakdowns Ever heard the phrase “a well-oiled machine?” That’s what you’ll have by taking your vehicle to Havoline Xpress Lube! As mentioned…

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