havoline motor oil

Should I Use Havoline Motor Oil In My Car?

Are you one of those people who routinely change your motor oil right on schedule? Kudos to you. But if you’re one of those people who delay it, you could be shortening the life of your car’s engine. Routinely changing your engine’s oil is one of the most important tasks you can do to maintain…

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brakes fixed near me

The Best Places to Get Brakes Fixed Near Me in the Triad

Having a car of your very own is great. It gives you the freedom to get where you need to be safely and on time. Feeling like a road trip? You can take the entire family to the beach or to the mountains with ease and convenience. This is especially important in the pandemic era….

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change oil near me

Where to Change Oil Near Me Plus Many Other Vehicle Services

Summertime has arrived and with it plans for trips to the beach, mountains, and camping. Whether you’ll be traveling several miles or several hundreds of miles, you want your vehicle optimally functioning. Nothing is worse than breaking down on the side of the road. One of the ways to prepare your automobile for your excursions…

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car washes near me

The Top Benefits of Finding Automated Car Washes Near Me

If you’re looking for car washes near me, we can help. Here at Kernersville Auto Center, our Turbo Foam Bath sweeps away the grime in a gentle way to make your car look beautiful. However, our car wash is about more than making your car shine. Here are a few other benefits of professional car washes you…

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oil change near me

Where to Get a Quick and Convenient Oil Change Near Me

The process of lubricating moving parts is as old as transportation. Modern machinery depends on oil to reduce friction. Your vehicle’s motor oil is one of the most important components. Often, we minimize its job, since many of us put off regularly-scheduled oil changes. Is it our busy lifestyles or are we just lazy? Whatever…

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Is synthetic oil worth it

Is Synthetic Oil Worth It? Costs and Benefits of Synthetic

If it’s time for your next oil change, you might be asking yourself, “Is synthetic oil worth it?” Synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional motor oil. However, over time, synthetic is the best choice for your car. Your vehicle requires a synthetic oil change much less frequently than a conventional oil. Let’s take a…

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Man Inspecting Car

NC Inspection Rules and Where to Find an Inspection Station Near Me

If your car is registered in North Carolina, you’ll eventually need to find an inspection station near me for help. A safety inspection is required every year. In many locations, you’ll also need annual emissions testing. These tests ensure that your vehicle is safe to be on the road. Here at Kernersville Auto Center, we…

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havoline oil change

Get Peace of Mind and an Oil Change at Havoline Xpress Lube

As we all adjust to our new version of normal, there are a few things that don’t change. For instance, the need for car care exists today as much as yesterday. Consequently, it’s imperative that you consider scheduled maintenance services to prolong the life of your vehicle. Regular oil changes are important to preserving the…

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best oil change near me

Is Synthetic Oil the Best Choice for Your Vehicle?

When you need an oil change, you have three main options: conventional oil, synthetic oil, or a blend of the two. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type. However, one of the first things you’ll notice is that synthetic oil costs more. So, you might be inclined to ask which oil option is really better….

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xpress turbo wash_lexus in tunnel

Talkin’ About the Car Wash at Xpress Lube of Kernersville!

Searching for a fun and superior car wash in the Triad area? Havoline Xpress Lube of Kernersville has that and a little earworm to offer you. By earworm, we don’t mean an uninvited wiggly guest that hops in the hot wax of your ear. Earworms are those sticky songs that play a tune in your…

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