brake repairs shops near me

Looking for Reliable Brake Repair Shops Near Me? Give Us a Call!

Brakes don’t last forever, no matter how well you maintain your vehicle. When you need new brake pads or brake replacement, don’t settle for a backyard mechanic. Come to Kernersville Auto Center for brake service you can trust by an experienced, ASE-certified mechanic. Your brakes are one of the most important safety components of your…

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auto mechanics near me

Car Dealerships Vs. Independent Auto Mechanics Near Me

It’s time to service your automobile, but you don’t know where to bring your car. Should you bring it to the car dealership or a local independent automotive shop? Of course, you want great service at a competitive price. When searching for auto mechanics near me, bring your car to Havoline® Xpress Lube of Kernersville….

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car AC service near me

Get Ready for Summer with Car AC Service Near Me

You might be able to get away with no air conditioning during the cooler months, but here in North Carolina, your car can quickly become unbearable without AC in the summer. Luckily, the experts here at Kernersville Auto Center can get your AC repaired quickly. Schedule an appointment today for car AC service near me….

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best auto brake service nearby

The Best Auto Brake Service Nearby With Free Brake Check

Typically, driving around town and during rush hour traffic means drivers use their brakes more often. With each depression of the pedal, you wear your brake pads out just a bit more. Routinely servicing your brakes can reduce repair costs and keep you safe. When you need the best auto brake service nearby, stop by…

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radiator service near me

Overheating Engine? Schedule Radiator Service Near Me at Our Shop

Radiator issues can cause major engine problems in any vehicle. So, it’s important to have your radiator serviced regularly and repaired as quickly as possible when there is a problem. If you don’t, a broken radiator will cause your engine to overheat, which can lead to a blown engine that needs replacement if you continue…

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how to change wiper blades

Learn How to Change Wiper Blades for Your Vehicle

Are you wondering how to change wiper blades on your vehicle? Is this something you want to do to save money? Well, Kernersville Auto Center is here to help you with this task. Wiper blades are crucial to helping you drive safely in the rain; therefore, you shouldn’t take changing them lightly. Our team is…

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auto air conditioning

Required Maintenance For Your Auto Air Conditioning

The first automaker to introduce factory-installed AC into their automobile occurred in 1940. Yet, it wasn’t until decades later that it became standard equipment.  For those car owners who live in the South, having working auto air conditioning is a necessity, not a luxury. A Little Maintenance Goes A Long Way Typically, your car’s AC…

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fix car AC problems

How to Fix Car AC Problems without Breaking a Sweat

It can be stressful trying to fix car AC problems yourself. While most car care centers sell DIY solutions, these products often don’t get to the root of the problem. In short, you’ll be finding yourself without air conditioning again if you don’t have professionals make the repairs. The good news? This kind of auto…

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Kernersville Car Wash

Kernersville Car Wash Can Get Your Vehicle Sparkling Clean

Every time you take your car out on the road, you subject it to harmful contaminants. Dust, pollen, and de-icing chemicals can begin to eat away at your paint quicker than you can say car wash. When searching for a premium Kernersville car wash, visit Havoline® Xpress Lube of Kernersville’s Turbo Wash. There Is A…

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fuel system flush

Where to Get a Fuel System Flush for Your Vehicle

As you drive your car, dirt and grime inevitably make their way into the various systems. While you don’t need to schedule a fuel system flush every year, you can take this preventative measure to increase the lifespan of your car. A little maintenance today always prevents major repair work needed tomorrow, and this advice…

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