Havoline Xpress Lube wants you to have all of the facts related to the coolant in your vehicle. By learning the purpose, importance, and composition of your coolant (also known as antifreeze), you can understand the benefits of having your radiator serviced regularly.

What is Coolant and What Does it Do?

Technically, coolant is comprised of 50% of a form of glycol and 50% water. Glycol provides the antifreeze properties, which ensure that the mixture doesn’t freeze in extremely cold temperatures. It serves a dual purpose by also ensuring that the liquid won’t reach extreme temperatures in hot climates. In other words, it’s the element that keeps the engine temperature stable in all climates.

Pure water can handle the job as well. However, the additives in antifreeze will prevent rust and corrosion in your vehicle’s radiator, heater, and engine.

There are two types of glycol used in coolant products: ethylene glycol and propylene glycol. Both perform well but the toxicity level is much higher in the ethylene product. Since propylene glycol has a sweet odor, it can be appealing to animals or small children. Therefore, despite the higher toxicity, most mechanics and drivers prefer the ethylene glycol products.

Coolant is very important in the operation of your vehicle. When the engine burns gasoline, much of the energy that has been produced ends up either as excess heat or exhaust fumes. The heat cannot stay within the confines of the engine and so must be moved out to prevent overheating. Coolant is moved throughout the engine by the water pump. This pump circulates the liquid, absorbs the excess heat energy, and sends it to the radiator. In the radiator, the heat stabilizes, the liquid cools, and the process repeats.

What’s the Big Deal about Coolant?

If we didn’t use coolant in our vehicles, the heat produced within the engine would destroy it! It is important to periodically inspect the antifreeze to be sure that the ingredients are remaining active because, over time, some additives deteriorate in performance quality. As a general rule, your coolant should be changed at least every 30,000 miles. The radiator and cooling system should also be inspected to be sure that they’re working properly.

What Maintenance Do Vehicles Need for the Cooling System?

By maintaining the radiator, water pump, and thermostat, you’re preventing major problems that could be very expensive to repair or replace. It’s important to have these inspections performed by a certified technician. Technicians will drain the fluid, flush the system to clean out impurities, refill with the proper mixture for your vehicle and climate, and inspect the components for leaks or other problems.

Why Should I Have My Radiator Flushed by a Technician?

No matter what the composition of your coolant, any product serving as your antifreeze will accumulate heavy metal contamination. This is the reason that the liquid is considered a hazardous material and most communities have special procedures for disposal. Repair facilities are required by law to safely dispose of used coolant. Therefore, it is safer to have a professional handle this task.

The certified technicians at Havoline Xpress Lube in Kernersville, NC are equipped to service every part of your vehicle, including complete radiator service. This maintenance is critical to preventing engine failure and to increasing the life of your vehicle. If you are located in the Kernersville, NC area, we look forward to providing
top-quality service, parts, and products to properly care for your vehicle. Our years of experience allow us to handle any issues quickly and professionally.


When it comes to antifreeze requirements for your vehicle, one size does not fit all. That’s why Havoline has developed three unique coolants to help customers get the maximum performance out of their cooling systems. Call (336) 993-7697 or send us a message today for more information on the unique solutions we provide our clients.

Havoline Anti-Freeze/Coolant

If you have a late-model or diesel-powered vehicle which has always run the “green stuff,” then Havoline’s Coolant is the right choice.

Havoline Custom Made Anti-Freeze/Coolant

Havoline Custom Made Coolant is just that – custom made for newer model Ford or Chrysler vehicles.

Havoline® DEX-COOL® Extended Life Anti-Freeze/Coolant

The patented carboxylate inhibitors in Havoline Extended Life provides unsurpassed cooling system protection.

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