Fuel Additives

What are Fuel Additives and How Do They Help Your Car?

 Fuel additives are gasoline additives that increase its octane rating and act as a corrosion inhibitor.  This allows a higher rate of compression ratios that help with your car’s efficiency and power rate.  Sometimes a supplier will incorporate these car additives into the gasoline itself to start performance efficiency early.  However, and this will be the majority of the time, additives will be sold separately as a means to improve your gas mileage and engine performance.

 There are several benefits associated with their use, and one of the main advantages is engine performance.  These products will boost the octane levels in your gasoline, which will provide your engine with more power from the same amount of gas!  At Xpress Lube, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge in car parts and additives that help with the longevity of your car.  Another perk of fuel additives happens during engine maintenance.  With the use of these enhancements, the buildup of sludge is almost nonexistent.  Due to the lack of these buildups in your car’s lines, the moving parts of your car will go through far less stress.  In turn, this will ensure the prolonged life of your car!

 In addition to these perks, fuel additives can offer your car so much more!  Here’s a list of what they can do for the health of your car:

Lubrication enhancement: car additives can help with the lubrication in your car, ensuring that it will run smoothly and efficiently.  Car additives mean less wear and tear on the moving components of your car, which will lead to fewer and fewer repairs over the years, which will save you money and time!  Fuel additives can help your vehicle!

Diesel fuel additives: these often offer the benefit of working as an antioxidant, which will help minimalize any corrosion within your engine.  In addition, they will help with your antiknock agents, easing stress on your engine’s pistons.  We swear by these additives at Xpress Lube and urge you to utilize them to help with the longevity of your car.

 That being said; it’s important to know which fuel additives do the most work for your car.  There are three basic types, and they range in value.  We know that some of them are certainly worth their weight in gold!

Here are the three types of car additives, and how they benefit your vehicle:

Gas treatments: these are typically the lowest price, but they also offer the fewest benefits.  These enter into your car via gas, and they help keep your fuel tank clean and save on gas!

Fuel injector cleaners: these are a step up from gas treatments, and can help with cleaning power!

Fuel system cleaners: these are the best of the best when it comes to fuel additives.  The top-shelf additive, if you will.  They help with your crankcase and help maintain your fuel system.

Whatever the case, fuel additives can help your car in a number of ways, and we would be happy to help educate you before you purchase!  Xpress Lube strives to be your number one stop for any automotive questions or concerns, and we can certainly help you when it comes to questions about fuel additives!  Contact us today for a consultation!

Let us provide fuel additives at our car repair shop in Kernersville NC! Chevron Techron® Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner

“The current state-of-the-art treatment is an additive called polyether amine (PEA). Developed by Chevron and originally introduced in 1980, today it carries the company’s trade name TECHRON.”

– Motor Trend® Magazine

When added to a tankful of gasoline, the exclusive formula of TECHRON® Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner provides a burst of cleaning power unbeatable at removing deposits from fuel injectors, carburetors, ports, valves and combustion chambers.

Fuel additives

Its patented PEA chemistry is also the only product available that cleans corrosive sulfur deposits from fuel gauge sensors, restoring function to faulty fuel gauges, and saving you hundreds of dollars in repair bills.

TCP helps:

  • Clean and protect against sulfurs that can harm fuel gauge sensors
  • Improve drivability and restore lost power and performance
  • Prevent spark plug fouling and solves cold start problems
  • Reduce deposit buildup to help lower exhaust emissions
  • Improve performance for up to 3,000 miles

Every Havoline xpress lube center exclusively uses TECHRON Concentrate Plus, so you know your car is getting the best fuel system treatment available. Call (336) 993-7697 or send us a message today for more information on fuel additives and affordable car maintenance.

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