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At the Havoline Xpress Lube, we can’t stress the importance of a regularly scheduled oil change enough. We use only Havoline Motor Oil and Oil Filters to ensure that our customers receive top quality products as well as professional service by experienced technicians.

What are the Benefits of Regularly Scheduled Oil Changes?

The single most important maintenance task that you can perform on your vehicle is a regular oil change. Consider that the pistons in your car or truck engine move up and down thousands of times each minute, generating huge amounts of heat. Your motor oil is the only element that keeps those parts cool, reducing friction and preventing the accumulation of contaminants. This contributes to the long-term performance of your vehicle.

Major problems can occur if the motor oil is not changed regularly. The engine’s components can be seriously damaged over time when engine heat breaks down the motor oil and it no longer lubricates properly. Think of your motor oil as the life-blood of your vehicle. It must be able to do its job as smoothly as possible.

We know the value of top quality motor oil and filters. Therefore, at the Havoline Xpress Lube, we use only Havoline motor oil and other Havoline products. We value our customers and want to provide the best possible products and services to keep their vehicles performing at the highest level possible. In our many years of experience in vehicle maintenance and repairs, we have found that Havoline motor oil and filters provide the best products to care for your vehicle. We know that Havoline motor oil will keep our customers’ cars and trucks running smoothly. Their engines will also have longer life because of the high quality ingredients used in Havoline motor oil.

Havoline motor oil has been specially formulated to protect your engine from harmful deposits, which cause friction over time. That friction reduces performance and fuel economy, so it is evident that using top quality motor oil can prolong the life of your engine and increase your vehicle’s performance.

Another reason for our complete confidence in Havoline motor oil is that Havoline has been protecting vehicle engines since 1904! The company is constantly developing new technologies to provide the best care for your engine. They understand that your automobile or truck is probably your second most expensive investment and they want to protect that investment, which means protecting the main component: the engine.

The latest innovation in Havoline motor oil is their Deposit Shield, which enhances overall engine protection. Whether your vehicle requires regular or synthetic motor oil, there is a Havoline motor oil that will prolong your engine life by providing the best engine protection available.

What Products are Offered in the Havoline Motor Oil Line?

Havoline motor oil is engineered for the specific needs of your vehicle, offering a range of products to meet any car or truck manufacturers’ recommendations. Whatever specifications are required for your vehicle, there is a Havoline motor oil to meet those specifications.


Engineered for cars and light trucks with high-revving engines, this product is offered in seven SAE grades, so that you will find the perfect grade for your vehicle.


  • Protection against oxidation, corrosion and thermal breakdown
  • Superior protection against excessive wear
  • Guards against sludge formation in harsh driving conditions


This Havoline motor oil has a special formula for vehicles with over 75,000 miles.


  • Contains sealing agents to decrease oil burning and leaks
  • Higher detergent additives to slow down sludge formation
  • Piston deposit resistance keeps engine running smoothly


Havoline motor oil made with both synthetic and conventional base oils to protect against engine deposits that form due to heavy loads and stop-and-go driving.


  • Deposit control keeps engine running smoothly
  • Formula promotes fuel economy
  • Protects against excessive wear


This is a 100% synthetic oil formulated with extra protection for high-performance engines.


  • havoline-depositAllows easier starts in cold weather due to synthetic oil’s superior performance in low temperatures
  • Protects against engine deposits under extreme driving conditions


Havoline oil filters remove contaminants from motor oil to extend engine life and decrease wear.


  • Promotes cleaner engine performance by removing and storing particles that would cause early wear on engine parts
  • Stops dirt that passed through air filter

Having your vehicle serviced at Havoline Xpress Lube in Kernersville, NC is the best way to ensure that the top quality Havoline motor oil and Havoline oil filters will provide your engine with the care it requires for a long, smooth-running life. Call us today or stop by to receive professional maintenance by our experienced technicians.

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