Air Filter Replacement

What is the Importance of Cabin Air Filter Replacement?

Your air filter, a feature found in newer vehicles, cleans the air that comes into the interior through your ventilation system, as well as from your heating and air conditioner.  It keeps allergens from entering your vehicle, making cabin air filter replacement paramount in the upkeep of your car.  Xpress Lube of Kernersville recommends cabin air filter replacement every 12,000-15,000 miles, but this can vary depending on where and when you drive.  If you drive in areas with heavy traffic and poor air quality, you may need to change it out yearly.  Dry climates with high dust content have the same effect on your vehicle.

Is your car experiencing reduced air flow?  Does it have a distinctive odor, or make too much noise when starting up your ventilation system?  These are all problems that cabin air filter replacement can repair.   When having this piece of equipment replaced, we recommend that you check your current one.  Depending on the length of its services, your air filter may be covered in leaves, insects, soot and grime that can cover the surface.  All of these materials come into contact with incoming air, which let you know that it’s time for cabin air filter replacement.  In fact, fall is one of the best times to come in and check out your filter!  Your filter is full of allergens after working all spring and summer, and your passengers could breathe in more fumes in your car than while walking down the street.

Cabin air filter replacement is important on so many levels.  Aside from the quality of air that it regulates within your vehicle, your filter keeps your HVAC system from experiencing interior problems, which can keep your car from maintaining proper temperatures.  When the weather gets cold, this can make for an uncomfortable ride.

Air Filter Replacement That’s Right for You!

Filters play a crucial role in performance and efficiency of your vehicle.  Performance and efficiency are why we recommend getting a cabin air filter replacement as scheduled.  Xpress Lube of Kernersville strives to be the best when it comes to helping our customers and changing your air filter is no different.  To ensure that your car runs smoothly, every part has to work at its highest efficiency.  We understand that most people don’t understand what their air filters are, or how getting your cabin air filter changed can benefit your health.  We employ knowledgeable technicians who know the importance of cabin air filter replacement, and that it is an integral part of the health and longevity of your car.  We know that every filter needs to be as clean as possible to ensure your health and safety, making cabin air filter replacement one of the most important parts of your car’s maintenance.

If you’re looking for one of the most trustworthy names in the business, look no further!  Xpress Lube of Kernersville has been a household name for years, striving to be the best in customer service.  If you are looking into cabin air filter replacement, we’re your one stop shop!

Located in Kernersville, NC we specialize in air filter replacement services. Just like the human body, your vehicle needs clean air to run at peak efficiency, which is why our technicians check and change both your cabin air filter in addition to the engine’s air filter when necessary. The most effective way to ensure that clean, filtered air is flowing to the engine and throughout the interior is by replacing the air filters at recommended intervals. If you regularly drive in an especially dusty area or frequently drive on dirt roads, the air filters should be changed more often than the manufacturer’s recommendation due to the environmental conditions.

If particles sneak passed an old worn or dirty filter and into the combustion chamber, this can cause severe damage and premature engine wear, along with reduced engine performance and poorer fuel economy. Particles which get past your cabin air filter can release contaminants into your heating, venting and air conditioning system. Call (336) 993-7697 or send us a message today for more information on auto maintenance and air filter replacement!

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