Star Service Oil Change

Let our mechanics provide an oil change for your car at our auto shop in Kernersville North Carolina! We provide the best oil change at the most affordable prices at our service station in Kernersville NC.  Bring your car in and we will take care of you today.

Benefits of the Service


When it comes to properly maintaining your vehicle, the rule of thumb is “change your oil regularly”, and manufacturer guidelines for your particular make and model are a good starting point. The pistons in your engine move up and down thousands of times per minute, and this process generates enormous amounts of heat, but motor oil helps keep those precious metal components cool by reducing friction and preventing the build-up of contaminants. In addition, oil filters help remove these contaminants that eventually form in oil with use, keeping the engine free of potentially damaging particles.

If motor oil is not changed within recommended intervals, over time the heat generated by operation of the engine begins to break down the oil’s ability to lubricate, which will eventually cause serious and costly damage to the engine’s internal components. For this reason, changing your oil on a regular basis is vital for long-term engine health. The quality of the oil you use also plays an important role in how efficiently the engine runs, which is why we recommend Havoline products to all our customers because of the superior performance and protection they provide.

For the most reliable and friendly service in Kernersville, and the finest motor oil products on the market, visit us at Havoline xpress lube for a Star Service Oil Change today!

Havoline Oil

  • Helps prolong engine life
  • Regular filter changes keep contaminants out


Havoline Air and Oil Filters

High quality Havoline oil filters help keep your engine contaminant free.

  • Helps quiet noisy engines
  • Fresh oil cools, seals, lubricates and cleans your engine properly

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