Radiator Service

Things Get Heated When Your Radiator Stops Working

When you drive your car, its components are creating friction, which gives off immense heat.  While engines run more efficiently when they are heated up, overheating can cause tremendous problems that can include the destruction of the engine itself.  Your radiator keeps the engine at a stable temperature.  As the coolant passes through your radiator, it transmits heat to tubes that transfer this heat, keeping your engine at a balanced temperature.  If the coolant is not replaced at the correct intervals, it will become acidic and will not protect your car as it should.  Old coolant could lead to a clogged radiator, corroded water pump or, worst of all, a blown head gasket which is incredibly expensive to repair.

Keeping your radiator services up to date will:

  • Protect every surface of your radiator, engine block, and heating core
  • Lubricate your water pump
  • Keep your cooling system running at maximum efficiency
  • Prevent costly repairs
  • Reduce the chances of engine overheating

Xpress Lube’s Radiator Services

As the number one method of keeping your engine cool, your radiator is an incredibly important part of your vehicle.  As such, radiator repair and maintenance is crucial to the health of your car.  Keeping your radiator maintained increases engine life and reduces engine failure.  Reduced engine failure is why Xpress Lube pays close attention to radiator fluid, and recommends that you have it changed every 24,000 to 36,000 miles or every 24-36 months.  As with most components of your vehicle, it will continue to run smoothly, with a much longer life expectancy if you maintain and take care of it!  Trust the experts at Xpress Lube to keep your car functioning as it should.

Our services are like no other.  During a radiator fluid change, Xpress Lube offers:

  • Comprehensive system inspection
  • Radiator flush
  • Refills of flush chemicals, sealant and lubricant
  • Pressure check for leaks

When you come to Xpress Lube for radiator services and repair, we provide you with top-of-the-line services that range from replacing your antifreeze coolant to checking your fan belts and everything in between.  Each of these components is critical to the health of your vehicle and should not be ignored.  Our radiator services include changing:

  • Fan belts
  • Heater cores and hoses
  • Radiator caps, hoses and fan clutches
  • Serpentine belts and belt pulleys
  • Temperature sensors and thermostats
  • Water pumps

Radiator Issues Resolved

To avoid getting stuck on the side of the road, it is wise to have your radiator checked.  Xpress Lube’s certified technicians will walk you through each step of your radiator replacement and refill services.  When it comes to your engine, we don’t skip the important stuff.  We will work with you to guarantee that your vehicle is in proper working order, which will keep your car running as it should.  It is worth your while to have your radiator checked and flushed at the recommended rate, as it will keep your vehicle running longer and more efficiently.  Making sure your car runs efficiently means that our technicians will remove rust deposits along the inside of your engine, lubricate your water pump, remove any contaminants, and protect against future rust and foam with antifreeze that protects against them.

With three different types of coolant, Havoline has the right match for your car. We provide radiator flush and repair services in Kernersville, NC. Call (336) 993-7697 or send us a message today to get started!

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