Warranty Program


300,000 of anything is a lot. But when it’s miles on a car – your car – well, that’s a bunch! At Havoline, we know that a new car is one of the most expensive single purchases you will ever make, so we’ve formulated our new Havoline motor oils to protect your valuable investment. We’re so certain of their ability to protect your car’s engine against wear, stress, deposits, oxidation, rust and heat that we will stand behind the performance of new Havoline for 300,000 miles or 10 years (whichever comes first).

To be eligible, you must be the original owner or lessee of a new car, van, or light truck, bearing its original factory-installed engine that has been owned or leased by you for no more than 36 months and driven less than 36,000 miles.

If you and your car meet these simple criteria*, simply download the application form. Be certain to get your oil change technician to verify your form. Once your application has been received, validated and approved, you’ll be sent a letter acknowledging your enrollment. To maintain your Havoline Engine Defender Limited Warranty, all you need to do is change your oil and filter at intervals recommended in your owner’s manual. And of course, always use Havoline motor oils and filters.

Owner/lessee must provide receipts showing motor oil was changed in accordance with owner’s manual recommendations for severe driving conditions, using a Havoline motor oil that meets the specific API service classification for the vehicle.

*Restrictions apply. See limited warranty for details.

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