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Your Transmission’s Worst Enemy is Friction

Your car’s transmission is a complex piece of equipment that transmits power from your vehicle’s engine to the drive axle, which makes your wheels move.  It also controls the levels of power and speed that are sent to your tires.  The fact that this one piece of machinery controls much of your car’s performance, makes transmission services so very important.  It is a complicated system, therefore only well-trained professionals should work on your vehicle’s transmission equipment. Understanding the transmission can be tricky, since it is composed of sophisticated hydraulics and electronic components. When in working order, your transmission will decrease the load on your engine, while maintaining your vehicle’s speed and fuel economy.  Your transmission uses gears to get more efficient use out of your vehicle’s torque, which keeps your vehicle moving at an appropriate speed.  Without it, your car would be subjected to a very minimal set of speeds, which would render your car almost useless.

There are two different types of transmissions, which require completely different transmission services:

  • Manual:  These cars use a clutch to connect and disconnect the transmission from the engine, and have a gear shift to switch between gears.  Often, servicing these transmissions is much cheaper.
  • Automatic:  Though the transmission services can be more expensive in these cars, driving is much easier.  They do not require a clutch pedal or a gear shift as everything is automatic once you put your car into drive.

 No matter what sort of car you drive, there will always be a need for transmission services and maintenance.  Both types of cars use their transmissions to keep their engine operational in its narrow range of speeds, while providing a wide range of output speeds.  Xpress Lube of Kernersville urges each car owner to know what sort of services they will need, and to maintain all of the car’s systems.  When your transmission stops working, your car’s wheels will not turn.  If your transmission blows out, that leaves you with the option of getting it repaired, or buying a new car, and that is why transmission services are so important!

Your transmission is one of the most integral parts of your vehicle.  Your car cannot function when it has been blown out, and can be incredibly costly if it gets to that point.  At Xpress Lube of Kernersville, we urge car owners to keep up with transmission services, for their safety and the safety of those riding with them.

Transmission Services You Can Trust!

Xpress Lube of Kernersville is a family-oriented business that strives to be one of the best in the business.  We know how important your car is.  That’s why we employ experienced technicians that respect and understand each part of your vehicle’s inner workings.  They know that the transmission is one of the most difficult pieces of machinery in your car, and can fix it promptly and properly to get you back on the road!  We want you to be able to drive your vehicle with confidence, and guarantee that you will leave our shop with the problem solved!  If you are in need of transmission services, do not hesitate to contact us today!

Call (336) 993-7697 or send us a message today for more information on auto transmission service and repair!

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  1. Hi I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee, when I put the car in shift it does not do anything. I need to have the car looked at, what do you charge to take a look at the car?

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